Free entry to top Berlin attractions

Discover Berlin’s historic past and contemporary culture with the Berlin Pass. With free entry to 60 top attractions, museums, galleries and tours, it’s the best way to explore the city.

Which attractions are included:

  • Madame Tussauds Berlin

    Rub shoulders with your favourite stars, from Hollywood A-listers and sport ...

    Normally €23.50Learn more »

  • Berlin Dungeon

    The Berlin Dungeon is a must-see visitor attraction that brings together an ...

    Normally €20.50Learn more »

  • Berlin Bus Tour

    A one day hop-on-hop-off bus tour covering all the key landmarks of the ...

    Normally €19.00Learn more »

  • AquaDom & SEA LIFE Berlin

    AquaDom & Sea Life Berlin is an impressive underwater world home to over ...

    Normally €17.95Learn more »

  • Pergamon Museum

    One of Berlin's most popular museum thanks to it's extensive collection of ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin

    A great attraction for the family, come and dive into the biggest LEGO® ...

    Normally €18.00Learn more »

  • Checkpoint Charlie Museum

    Checkpoint Charlie Museum was founded in 1962 at the Checkpoint Charlie ...

    Normally €12.50Learn more »

  • Berlin River Cruise

    Enjoy a relaxing cruise along the River Spree and take in some of they ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Insider Walking Tours

    A selection of interesting and insightful walking tours lead by expert guides.

    Normally €15.00Learn more »

  • Berliner Dom

    The Berliner Dom, also known as the Berlin Cathedral, is one of the most ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • Fat Tire Bike Tours

    Explore Berlin with a unique guided tour of the city on a bike with expert ...

    Normally €24.00Learn more »

  • Bode Museum

    Home to a rare collection of sculptures, art and other artefacts dating ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Neue National Gallery

    Home to a large collection of artwork by popular artist of the 20th Century ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Alte National Gallery

    Also known as the Old National Gallery, showcases work by artitss such as ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Hamburger Bahnhof

    This converted train station is home to the Museum of Contemporary Art in ...

    Normally €14.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Islamic Art

    Contains an impressive collection of Islamic artwork from the 8th through to ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Middle Eastern Museum

    Exhibits an impressive collection of work and artefacts covering 6,000 years ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Photography

    The Museum of Photography or “Museum für Fotografie” opened in 2004 and ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Egyptian Museum Berlin

    Collection features grand sculptures of Pharaohs, decorated coffins, books ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Altes Museum

    A huge and impressive building on Museum Island, it's home to Greek and ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Neues Museum

    Home to Egyptian treasures and other ancient collections from all over the ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection

    Sammlung Scharf Gerstenberg is an art museum housed over 3 floors with a ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Pre-History & Early History

    The Museum of pre-history and early history, located in the Neues Museum, ...

    Normally €12.00Learn more »

  • Gemalde Gallery

    Features a huge collection of over 2,700 pieces of artwork by European ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Berggruen Museum

    Admire masterpieces by Picasso, Matisse and Giacometti at the Berggruen Museum.

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Berlinische Gallery

    An exciting art gallery with a large collection of modern art, photography ...

    Normally €10.00Learn more »

  • Ephraim Palais Berlin

    The Ephraim Palais in Berlin is a magnificent historic building in one of ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • Church of St. Nicholas

    Explore the oldest building in Berlin and learn about the former church ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Asian Art

    Learn about Asian art and its important history since the 4th millennium to ...

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Schwules Museum

    The Schwules Museum opened in 1985 is a permanent exhibition of the history ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

    Home to a unique and ever-changing collection of modern and contemporary art ...

    Normally €4.00Learn more »

  • Art Forum at Berliner Volksbank

    The Berlin Art Forum, known locally as the Kunstforum der Berliner ...

    Normally €4.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Botanical Museum

    Home to special and unique exhibitions showcasing botany and art.

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Communication Museum

    Learn all about the history of communication in this fascinating museum.

    Normally €4.00Learn more »

  • MACHmit! Museum

    The MACHmit! museum has been specially designed for children aged four to ...

    Normally €4.50Learn more »

  • Kunstbibliothek

    The Kunstbibliothek or the "Art Library" in Berlin has an extensive ...

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Düppel Museum Village

    The Duppel Museum Village in Berlin is a detailed reconstruction of a ...

    Normally €2.00Learn more »

  • Georg Kolbe Museum

    Set within the grounds of the artist's former residence, this museum offers ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Natural History Museum

    Fantastic museum with skeleton reconstructions and interactive displays, ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Jewish Museum Berlin

    The Jewish Museum Berlin is set with one of the most exciting pieces of ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • Anne Frank Centre

    Exhibitions focus on the life of Anne Frank and her time spent hiding in ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Film Museum

    Opened in 1963, the museum explores the world of cinema and film from the ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • Bauhaus Archive

    The Bauhaus Archive is a presentation of the history and work of Bauhaus.

    Normally €7.00Learn more »

  • German Technology Museum

    The German Technology Museum offers an interactive experience into the ...

    Normally €4.50Learn more »

  • Dahlem Museum

    The Dahlem Museum is a complex which hosts a number of history museums.

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Labyrinth Children’s Museum

    The Labyrinth Childrens Museum or “Labyrinth Kindermuseum” is museum ...

    Normally €4.50Learn more »

  • Ethnological Museum

    The Ethnological Museum is home to one of the world’s largest ethnological ...

    Normally €8.00Learn more »

  • Musical Instrument Museum

    The Musical Instrument museum displays treasures from 400 years of musical ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Childhood and Youth Collection

    A great small collection about and for Childhood and Adolescence for young ...

    Normally €2.00Learn more »

  • Brücke Museum

    The Brücke Museum is a small museum that's home to over 400 paintings and ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Berlin Story Museum

    The Berlin Story Museum details the turbulent history of the city through ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Medical History Museum

    The Medical History showcases the development of medical science over the ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Märkisches Museum

    The Märkisches Museum opened in 1913 and showcases the rich culture and ...

    Normally €5.00Learn more »

  • Museum of Decorative Arts

    The Museum of Decorative Arts or “Kunstgewerbemuseum” is set in Kopenick ...

    Normally €6.00Learn more »

  • Olympiastadion Berlin

    The Olympic Stadium was designed by architect Werner March and was built ...

    Normally €7.00Learn more »