Free entry to the Natural History Museum in Berlin

Natural History Museum

Berlin Pass Benefits:
Free entry to the Natural History Museum
Normal Ticket Price: Adult: €8.00 Child: €3.50

The Natural History Museum in Berlin offers visitors an insight into the prehistoric world with a number of dinosaur skeletons and interactive multimedia displays.

There are many superbly reconstructed skeletons, none more impressive than the dinosaur head at the entrance which appears to be looking through the wall. At the heart of the “World of Dinosaurs” exhibition is the world’s biggest dinosaur skeleton, a Giraffatitan brancai, which stands over 13 metres tall.

The “Evolution in Action” exhibition has over 3,000 mounted species on display, many designed in a way to highlight the evolution process such as how Zebras developed stripes!

The Natural History Museum Berlin is a popular and fun day out for all visitors to the city. You can visit for free with a Berlin Pass!

How to get there:

Tram M5, M8, M10, 12
Underground U6
Station: Naturkundemuseum
Bus: 142, 147, 245, TXL


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Monday Closed
Tuesday 09.30 - 18.00
Wednesday 09.30 - 18.00
Thursday 09.30 - 18.00
Friday 09.30 - 18.00
Saturday 10.00 - 18.00
Sunday 10.00 - 18.00

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Invalidenstraße 43 , 10115 Berlin Mitte


030 - 20938591