Berlin Pass Purse Value

The Berlin Pass is available for 3 days, meaning you can plan your sightseeing in advance and decide which attractions you plan to visit on each particular day. Your Berlin Pass will activate upon first use at one of our included attractions and will be valid for the number of consecutive days you purchased. After your pass has expired, it will no longer work and you will not be able to continue using it to enter attractions. 

The Berlin Pass is also subject to a "purse value" of maximum gate prices, which is the total combined value of full attraction entry prices, related to the number of attractions' Pass selected. With a 3 day adult Berlin Pass (online price €89 you will get €300 worth of attraction entry. Should you exceed your pass' "purse value" the pass will expire.You can see the complete breakdown of purse values below.

Pass Choice

Full Adult Public Entry Value "Purse Value"

Full Child Public Entry Value "Purse Value"
3 Day Pass €300 €200